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Para pruebas estandares de condicionamiento operante y en cajas de conducta

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Use it once, and you will never use another one afterwards! PACKWIN 2.0. is the essential software for assessing operant conditioning studies!!! Nowadays, PACKWIN is supplanting all existing software alternatives for behavioural/operant chambers...

PACKWIN is a user-friendly and versatile Software platform developed with the aim to offer a powerful tool for conducting a wide range of experiments in different types of behaviour chambers. It typically controls the Panlab standard chambers for operant conditioning, self-administration, 5/9 hole and Vogel test, but its range of compatibility allows working with other behavioural chambers for Active/Passive avoidance and fear conditioning experiments...

Due to his new modular structure, PACKWIN 2.0. can be used in a highly flexible structure (Customised module – CS) allowing the experimenter to build a wide variety of different protocols for the configuration of basic programs for operant procedure (fixed and variable ratio, fixed or variable interval, fixed or variable DRL, positive and negative reinforcement, extinction, probability to obtain a reinforcement, etc.) with or without discriminative stimuli (light, sound) as well as more specific and complex user-defined protocols (conflict, DMTS, 5 choice serial reaction task etc.). Give the PACKWIN state-editor tool the oportunity to surprise yourself by its straightforwardness (no need of specific programming skills)!! A great number of editable raw data table and outpout numeric data&graph reports are provided integrated in the all-in-one structure of the software.

PACKWIN 2.0. also offers new specific experimental modules providing convenient protocol editor templates and ready-to-use run panels and data reports directly targeted to specific standard experiments such as the 5-choice Serial Reaction Time Task (5/9 hole module – HO) and the Vogel test.

In PACKWIN 2.0 version, a step ahead has been made in terms of user-interface and features that no other software available in the market can offer right now: new aperture assistant and experimental tool bar for guiding the user along the experimental process, new chamber simulator for checking your protocols without interrupting the data acquired from the real chambers, new batch analysis features for increasing the productivity of your experiment, integrated numerical and graph reports, direct exportation to Excel... and many other essential functions!!!!!! Who told you that performing operant conditioning studies was only reserved to experts?


Computer min requirements* 2,2 GHz processor or higher (Celeron processor not supported), 2 Gb of RAM, HD250 Gb (150 MB free hard disk space), 1024X768 pixels and 32-bit true colour Graphics, 2 USB free ports.
System requirements Microsoft® Windows® 7 - 32/64 bits; Windows® 8 - 32/64 bits, Windows® 10 - 32/64 bits
Connection of several units to PC One cable connects all units to the PC through RS-232/USB port (no PCI card needed)

*When used for Startle or Fear conditioning applications (PACKWINCSST and PACKWINCSFR), the use of specific models of a specific model of HP computer is mandatory due to sound card and PC performance requirements.

As guidance, here the current recommended PC model for the Startle or Fear conditioning applications (PACKWINCSST and PACKWINCSFR):
HP ProDesk 400 G4
- Intel Core i5 7500 3.4 GHz
- 4GB SDRAM DDR4-2400
- 500GB SATA
- DVD recorder (DVD-RAM±R/±RW)
- Ethernet Gigabit card
- Windows 10 pro 64

Contact our technical support team for any confirmation about the use of any other HP model computer.


Como pedirlo

Packwin platform (need at leat 1 experimental module)



PackWin software platform for operant behaviour (needs Experimental modules) to control up to 8 Experimental Chambers; expandable to more*

* Contact us about set-up larger than 8 chambers.

** Please check the specification tab about the PC models that should be used with this software, especially for startle and fear conditioning experiments.

Packwin experimental modules



Customized Experimental module (full protocol and data report edition)



5/9 Holes Experimental module (5-Choices Serial Reaction Time task)



Vogel test Experimental module



Fear conditioning Experimental module



Startle reflex Experimental module

Cómo pedir una orferta

Contacta nuestro distribuidor el más cercano o contáctanos directamente para recibir una oferta.


Puntos clave

  • Even more user-friendly interface!
  • Aperture assistant and experimental tool bar
  • Modular structure (targeted to specific experiments or fully customizable)
  • Straigthforward “State-Editor” tool for protocol configurations (no need of specific programming skills)
  • Assistant panels and specific reports for 5/9 holes procedures, Vogel test, fear conditioning and startle reflex studies
  • Operant chamber simulator tool (unique feature in the market!)
  • Test boxes function for hardware checking purpose
  • Built-in Yoked procedure settings
  • Optimal data traceability
  • Integrated potent analysis module and plot makers
  • Batch analysis and direct exportation to Excel (1 session per row)


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